K.I.S.S From Some Of My Friends...

Sharna has created a unique fitness/wellness program. Decades of experience as an exercise instructor together with an insightful grasp of the human body and how it functions has produced an exercise program that is empowering and that delivers positive results physically and mentally. I have personally and professionally witnessed the impact of this type of training for individuals who suffer from musculoskeletal ailments or imbalances and how it can be a more effective alternative to other types of rehabilitation therapies. Sharna’s expertise and enthusiasm have ensured that many individuals have succeeded in achieving goals that were never thought attainable.
— Dr. Leandra Forman , MD, CCFP
I’ve been a fitness instructor for 15 years, always struggled with back problems, but Sharna’s philosophy has taught me the importance of proper posture and form -safe and effective while exercising and in daily activity. Most exciting - my back problems have subsided, much less pain and fatigue.
— Jodi Murad
A friend brought me to Sharna’s class and I’ve been a devoted follower since then. After only a few months of exercising I was able to see the difference in my body. I got back my waistline and my butt looks much better in jeans now. There were other ‘side effects,’ my balance is much better, very important at my age. I also appreciate the tips to always pay attention to our posture.
— Elvira D.
I tried many different Pilates classes after having back surgery in 2009 and struggling with back pain for several years. Sharna’s approach is like no one else I have come across. Her knowledge of body mechanics and the proper ways to elongate the spine and strengthen the core are unparalleled.
— Courtney L.
Before Sharna, I suffered from chronic pain on the left side of my neck /shoulder, my joints felt very stiff and tight throughout my body. Physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture didn’t offer long term relief. With Sharna’s regular workouts, my neck and shoulders are more flexibile, I have much better posture and energy and feel so much stronger. Sharna diligently watches the correct position to avoid injury.
— Luna I.
For years, I felt pain in my lower back after giving birth to my second child. Just after a couple of Sharna’s posture / core sessions the pain began to subside and eventually disappeared entirely. I have strength, energy and even sleep better. Sharna is an extraordinary, enthusiastic physical trainer. Her tremendous knowledge and passion for health, wellness and fitness, is felt in every single session. Sharna didn’t just change my body ... she changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Ella
With Sharna’s information my core body strength has improved and people have commented on my better posture.
— Leanne
I am in my late 60’s, and have taken many a Pilates class and this is the very first time that I have felt safe all the while getting the maximum benefit. With lower back issues and severe arthritis in my neck, Sharna’s methods and techniques - the ball, alternating movements, innovative core exercises, visualization ........ I can now do all the repetitions, getting the maximum benefit. I now have full mobility in my neck, my core has become much stronger and can sustain a plank without any pain in my neck and shoulder area.
— Marilyn P.
Attending Sharna’s classes for the past 5 years has been a game-changer for me. I am forever grateful and my body says ‘thank you” after each and every workout. She’s also knowledgeable in nutrition & wellness, always sharing invaluable tips.
— Honey K.
Two years ago I experienced a lot of pain, was told by two orthopedic surgeons that I needed a hip replacement. While considering my options, I was recommended to Sharna, have been working out with her since, and am delighted that I no longer need to have my hip replaced at this point. With far less pain and a lot more mobility, all the areas around the hip are stronger, and I’ve strengthen every part of my body. I am so grateful to have found someone who really cares, and pays careful attention.
— Rowleen
Been very active the majority of my life, then started experiencing debilitating lower back pain to the point of being afraid to exercise. Had the pleasure to spend time with Sharna at a business retreat, where she taught me basic skills, proper form, and a few simple exercises. Almost immediately I felt the difference in my back - and it’s been so much better as I now travel over 40 minutes to attend her group core classes regularly. My back feels great & so do I.
— Katherine S.
I’ve always hated exercise.....BUT, since with Sharna, my body feels SO much better. My knees were horrible - two torn meniscus, both surgically repaired plus arthritis. Sharna’s workouts and attention to correcting form, posture and core have helped me become so much stronger. I thank her for teaching me proper squats to strengthen my legs. I still don’t love exercise but her classes are fun!!
— Wendi
Have been very regular with my exercise routine for many years, so when I took Sharna’s Core/Posture class I thought that it would be easy for me. I realized I had a lot of work to do to improve my core strength, and that my posture was not aligned properly. Sharna’s class was so fun and enjoyable, and was an incredible workout that left me breathless in the end. I have started to use her practices at home and with my kids too so that we can all be more con dent both in our posture and in our overall body strength.
— Rossana B.