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Sharna Florence...

An active entrepreneur; mom of 4; fitness nut; food connoisseur; skincare & cosmetic freak; music crazed; shopaholic; lover of animals; passionate about helping others; entertainment promoter; fashion designer; show producer; author; speaker; and want to do so much more while I can!!

I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Danced as a young girl, evolved into teaching fitness in my early teens. Moved to Toronto to study Fashion Design, kept teaching fitness to stay in shape, but started certifying in many genres in the fitness industry, enjoying seeing people benefit from my passion.

Fashion was exciting! I moved around in that industry from magazine photo shoot assistant, to in-store promo, to fashion show production, to mens’ wear buyer. It was something I just loved, but then started a family in my late 20’s, and decided my children were more important than the career. I went back to teaching more fitness classes around the family’s schedule.  Over the years, as my family grew – to 4 amazing kids, my interests expanded and I certified in many areas, such as Yoga, Boxing, Cycle, Pilates, Weight Training, Tai Chi, and many more that don’t even exist anymore!

In the early 2000’s I certified in Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching under Paul Chek in San Diego. I learned so much about living healthy, and I wanted to change the world! It was certainly an uphill climb, as my seminars went over very well, but some looked at me like I had 3 heads, because the information about chemicals and pesticides in our food, and that it was linked to disease, was a such new concept then….and now, it’s widely known!!

Now, of course, living healthy lifestyles are commonplace, I am so grateful that I chose to learn this information when I did, and that my children had a healthy start fairly early in their lives. PREVENTION in our food choices was my focus! I also decided to dive deep into other aspects of health – the fitness side. I suffered with so many achy body parts, injuries and pain, but I used to think it was just overuse from teaching classes. I began to study and apply many techniques for PREVENTION in FITNESS MOVEMENTS!! Researching about corrective movements, and how we recruit our bodies day to day for “NORMAL” movements, became my obsession.  It was something I was so passionate about, that I started explaining new ways of doing regular exercises, back to basics. I was focused on PROPER FORM, SLOWER SPEED, CORRECT POSTURE to AVOID INJURIES!! Something started happening…….an extraordinary number of class participants began to experience LESS PAIN! They told me that my simple, easy-to-understand explanations made sense, and they could easily connect to their bodies in a way they hadn’t in all the years they’d been exercising. 

In my mind, I was just doing ‘my thing’, but in their experience, many people felt their bodies awakening to strength, better posture, and LESS PAIN! Even some that abstained from surgeries!! So many people even told me that my words stuck with them OUTSIDE THE GYM in their daily routines! They found themselves REMEMBERING to sit and walk with more attention to their posture, and in doing so, their core strength improved, resulting in less back and neck pain!

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By Sharna Florence

So after years of being asked, I finally put my spoken words into print, out of my head and mouth, into a book / guide in hopes of reaching and helping millions. Please share this information with all the people in your life. We are always learning, growing and improving, even tiny tweaks can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE!  To your health!!